Looking at How a Capacitor Plays an Important Role to your Computer

Almost all of the computer owners never bother or don’t even know the presence of a capacitor on the computer. The reason for this is this part of the computer is not visible to the naked eye and is usually found in the motherboard. Computer technicians and repairers are familiar with these small components which play an important role in the operation of your computer.

 A capacitor works the same as the normal battery as it stores electrical energy coming from the power source of your computer. A normal capacitor consists of two plates which are made up of metal. This pair of metal plates are being separated by a non-conducting substance. 

The Capacitor and its role to your computer

The capacitors inside your computer play an important role in the overall operation of the machine. It is there to protect the other parts or components by conditioning the power capability of the computer to make sure that there is enough power supply while the computer is working.

Please take note that the other small parts of your computer are very sensitive even to small changes in the electrical voltages coming inside the computer. With the presence of a capacitor, it will help in protecting the other parts of your computer from any electrical surges by absorbing any power spikes and preventing those small components in the computer from being burned. 

Can it be repaired when damaged?

Although it is designed to protect other components, a capacitor is not invisible to damage due to wear and tear. As time goes by, a capacitor can also bulge and some even blow which makes them stop working. When a capacitor is damaged like this, there is no chance that it can be repaired and the next best solution is to replace it with a new one. 

Investing in a new capacitor will be the best solution once your old capacitor is damaged. You can find a lot of choices with your replacement that does not cost too much money. The most important thing to consider before buying is to look for a capacitor that fits nicely into your computer. Furthermore, it is ideal for you to look for the assistance of experts when it comes to buying a new capacitor. 


A computer owner can never underestimate the importance of a capacitor on your computer. The way it protects other components from being damaged proves that it plays an important role in the overall operation of the computer system. If a capacitor breaks or gets damaged, it is a must to fix or replaced it right away in order to protect the other computer parts from shutting down or getting damaged permanently.

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