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Virus Removal,
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Virus Removal*

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Viruses from your machine


Your system to run at it's fastest


Junk files from your machine

How to Know if you have a virus?

  • Slow computer performance (taking a long time to start up or open programs)
  • Problems shutting down or restarting
  • Missing files
  • Frequent system crashes and/or error messages
  • Unexpected pop-up windows
  • New applications (toolbars, etc.) that appear without you downloading them
  • Overworked hard drive (the fan makes sounds and seems to be whirring and working hard when you aren’t doing much)
  • Emails that send autonomously from your accounts
  • Browser lag or redirects
  • Malfunctioning antivirus programs or firewalls

But hold on, I already have a Virus scanner...
Why do I need your service?

We're asked this all the time. Hundreds of viruses are being released every day and usually the virus scanner companies can't keep up! Let's say a Virus is discovered today, it takes the Virus scanner companies weeks, sometimes months before they know about the virus then more importantly work out how to fix it and then run quality assurance testing before they release the fix to the public. Within this time, You can't afford to be without a computer. When you use our service, in addition to scanners that we run, we manually run and check every program that loads to make sure that we are able to remove viruses / spyware that haven't even been picked up retail virus scanners yet!

We Help two different types of customers

Been scammed?

You've just been scammed by someone claiming that they are from Microsoft, Telstra or Optus and you've given them access to your machine. Most likely they've installed programs to access your machine at a later date or to Spy on your computer and what you do.

You are probably really angry and upset with yourself right now however, these people are trained professional scammers and have got their method down pat. We have helped doctors, solicitors other professionals who are extremely smart in their industries who have been fooled by these people. They scare you and put fake programs on their so that you think your machine is infected and show you how bad it is.

Usually this is just a fake program that will give these results to anyone however the damage has usually now been done with them having access to your computer and installing spyware and malware on your machine. We can always help to take control back of your machine and eliminate any nasties that they have installed on your machine.

Yearly Clean and Service!

Just like a car needs to be regularly tuned and serviced, so does your computer. We recommend this at least once every year. Computers have physical parts just like cars however more importantly it is the software that on these computers that we need to check over.

There are millions of lines of codes that are on your computer with registry entries, old programs, windows update files, temporary files, all this clutter adds up over time and makes your computer run a lot slower. Even when customers have virus scanners that these virus scanners don't pick up the latest viruses, sometimes it takes months before these big virus scanners are aware of the latest viruses. That's why when you use our service, not only do we use some commercial scanners, we manually go through and have a look at every item that is loading when your computer starts up doing much more than what ANY virus scanner can do.

Just because you have a virus scanner, does NOT mean you are protected against the latest threats. It's a constant game of cat and mouse with the people who create these viruses. Let us go through your computer properly and remove any undiscovered viruses as well as remove any excess files or clutter that is slowing your machine down.

It works out better doing it remotely!

When you get a computer technician in your own home to remove viruses, alot of the times it's rushed and as a result maybe it's not the best job that can be done. By removing viruses remotely, we can throughly go through your machine and offer you a capped price service so that there is NO hidden fees as we do not have to sit in front of the computer the whole time waiting for certain scans to run. This is why a virus removal service my take a full day or half a day but you can rest easy knowing the most you will pay is a total of $220 for the total Virus removal and Cleanup Package that we have!

We Have been featured on Channel 9 news as well by explaining that sometimes its the computers not the internet which is why your computer is running so slow.
See the video below!


Make your new Computer Run Even Faster
as well as your Old PC Last longer!

Whether it's an older computer or a new computer, the more you use it the slower it becomes. When Customers use our $220 Virus removal and clean up service, we can optimise the speed of the computer so it's running faster for you along with removing any viruses or malware that is on your computer.

Here at Virus Removal Wagga Wagga we use a tried and proven 15 point check list to ensure that every time we do our absolute best to ensure that your computer is running like new without any nasties on there!

  Basic Service Advance Service
Run commercial and Industry Leading virus scans on your machine
Manually Remove viruses or suspicious Items that have not been discovered yet
Service the operating system for future updates and issues
Repair Virus Damage
Leave free programs on your machine that can assist you in the future
Check the status of your hard drive to predict if it will fail
PC Scan and assesment
Hardware Analysis
Optimise Windows Registry and Files
Repair Application Stability Issues
Delete temporary clutter and programs on your machine
Disable excess programs from running on startup
Tune up System to it’s full potential
Disable Graphical tweaks to make system faster
Repair Windows Stability Issues

Hate Windows 10?

Your not the only one.

Customer’s hate the look and feel of the new start menu in Windows 10. Microsoft is forcing full screen touch screen Apps on customers (even if you don’t have a touch screen) and they want you to purchase everything through their app store so they get a cut out of the sale. These full screen applications are not what people are used to when using Windows.

Let’s make windows look and feel a little bit more familiar to windows 7 where you have a classic Start menu that you know and love!

Results that you can see

When a customer uses our service for a virus removal / cleanup / Tune Up. We Run a tool that times how long it takes for your machine to start up. Once we finish we run the tool again to show you the performance difference of our clean up service.

Virus Removal will increase the times of your machine however a full System Clean and Tune up will give you better results! The bottom number is how long in seconds it took the machine to start the top number is after we have finished with it.

In The Media

A common issue that our customers report is that their Internet is running slow. A lot of times a simple clean up can speed up the computer dramatically which in terms makes the internet faster. We produce proven results to make sure that your computer is running as FAST as it's possibly able to, almost like when you first got the machine. Please see our head Technician on Channel 9 news saying that a lot of problems with slow Internet are also caused by a slow computer - not Internet.

We remove all the bad stuff, not just some of it!

Our service removes all types of malware, viruses and trojans from your machine that a lot of your popular virus scanners can not. We can either offer this service at your house or do it remotely via Teamviewer. When we do it remotely, we can usually cap the job saving you money. We remove all of the following software on your machine.

Rootkit Viruses
Trojan Horse
Junk Software
Browser Hijackers
Junk Toolbars/Extensions
Botnet or Bot

Check Out User’s Reviews

We are also known as Zoo Computer Repairs.
Building a business with trust is paramount to our success which is why we have all of our reviews
located on an external website in which we can't modify or change those reviews.
Please click this link to read the reviews about Zoo Computer Repairs.


Here are the most frequently asked questions we get:

What are your limits for remote Support?

Hate the idea of taking your computer to a technician and leaving it there for several days? Not in a position or feel comfortable inviting a stranger into your home? Remote support is perfect to get up and running as soon as possible. For business customer’s we aim for same day service depending on our availability. I Can do everything as though I was actually at your place except take the computer apart even for printer issues the most I will generally ask you to do is to remove and replug a cable back into the computer. However if your machine is unable to load Windows or your operating system we will be unable to fix it however we are happy to refer based on our experience with local technicians.

Too much Information to Process?

Ever paid for a computer technician to teach you to do something and you’ve had to write it down – Only to try again when they leave and you get lost with the steps? As an industry leader we have the ability to create short videos so you can watch the video and hear our voice while working on your computer so that you can have a personalized tuition video on your computer that you can watch whenever you want to save you having to pay for a technician each time.

Requirements for a remote support session?

In order to have a technician remotely help you out you need to download and install a free program called Team Viewer. Your computer has to start up and have either Windows or a Mac operating system installed and have an online connection. Team viewer uses an internet connection In order to enable remote control. Sometimes if you don’t have a strong connection there may be drop outs, however you don’t have to have a fast computer or internet connection for us to assist!

Is a Remote support session Safe?

Zoo Computer Repairs is a relatively small company that focuses on customer satisfaction. Our Lead technician who has previously worked at IBM and is a Microsoft certified Professional has received over 300 + 5 star reviews on word of mouth online and over 90+ reviews on yellow pages and over 40+ reviews on True Local. Building a business with trust is paramount to our success and customers and for a small customer the sheer amount of reviews that we have will show you that we are ‘expert’s at what we do.

So What are you waiting for residents of Wagga Wagga - give me a call so that we can assist you over the phone with team viewer.